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Name:Deanna Jean <3
Birthdate:Jan 21, 1987
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America

Interests (131):

aiba masaki, anime, arashi, arashi/arashi, astrology, attempts at originality, battlestar galactica, big love, big sparkly diva platforms, bisexuality, bleach, bluegrass, bob dylan, boondock saints, castle, cellos, cheese, cream soda, death note, democratic party, discovery channel, discussion, dollhouse, draco malfoy, eye candy, fandom, fandom sims, fanfiction, fangirling, fiddles, firefly, free love, fringe, golden retrievers, gravitation, gravity's centre, grey's anatomy, hana yori dango, hanakimi, harry potter, harry/draco, heroes, honey and clover, icons, igby goes down, it, je, junjou romantica, kanjani8, kyou kara maou, l-desu, labyrinth, laughing, lava lamps, led zeplin, life, listening to music, liv tyler, living, love, love actually, loveless, loving, magic, mandolins, matsumoto jun, much ado about nothing, music, natalie mcmaster, near, nicknames, ninomiya kazunari, nuzzling, ohmiya, ohno satoshi, open-mindedness, origin of love, perspective, pgsm, philosophy, pillows, pink floyd, plato's symposium, playing music, politics, posters, pretty guardian sailor moon, prince of tennis, procrastination, queer as folk, quotes, reading, red sox, rent, rocky horror picture show, rp, rping, sakurai sho, sakuraiba, serenity, sexuality, sharing the love, shiny stuff, shiny things, sims 2, slash, smallville, smoking, smut, star wars, stars, stephane grappelli, stephen king, supernatural, talking to myself, tea, technology, the band, the great mouse detective, the sky, the stand, the stars, tim burton, tool, van morrison, w-inds., writing, wuthering heights, yagami light, , 関ジャニ∞
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